May 1, 2018

"I received classes from Mr. Dow over a 3 year span. I learned a lot about the arts, self defense and respect. I recommend him 100%, he is a great teacher and an excellent motivater to be and do better."
August 12, 2017

"Excellent with both our special needs boys especially when they are having a rough day"
November 24, 2016

"Dow's Karate has been one of the most memorable and positive influences in my life. Learning martial arts, self defense, discipline, among many other things from Mr. Dow. is definitley something I would reccomend for children and adults alike!"
November 23, 2016

"I received training from Dow over an 8 year period and I can say, unequivocally, that he is the best instructor I've ever had. I was able to learn tang soo do, develop some Korean and train my mind and body. I highly recommend his tutelage to anyone in the area looking for a martial arts discipline."
November 13, 2016

"Mr. Dow has become like family as we have trained with him over the years. His patience and quiet encouragement helps even the shyest person come out of their shell. And his drive and leadership bring out the warriors in each of us. I would highly recommend this man for any martial art or self-defense training!"
Dow's Karate & Fitness